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kate_photo.pngDr. Kate Keville D.C. has been a Holistic Healthcare provider for over 25 years.  Dr. Keville has diligently studied many modalities of healing, including, Chiropractic Healthcare, Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapy, Network Chiropractic, Barnes Myofascial Therapy, Newsum Biokinetics, Applied Kinesiology, Holographic Health, Resonance Repatterning, Gerson Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Recovery from Immunization Poisoning, Restorative Endocrinology by Dr Janet Lang, Vitamin C IV Therapy, by Dr Thomas Levy, Matrix Energetics, by Dr Richard Bartlett, Garcia Innergetics, by Dr Hector Garcia, Auricualr Therapy, by Dr Jay Holder, and Epigenetics, by Dr Chris Astill-Smith. 

Dr Kate has experienced and healed with the gifts of Justice Bartlett, from Seattle Washington, and is now studying and practicing the technology of Spectra Vision, by Dr Lee Whooley.  

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